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About Us is your one stop destination for best deals and discount coupons for hottest things in the market. Founded in 2006, has come a long way from just offering best deals on computers and laptops to over 30 categories each catering to thousands of money saving deals on various products such as camcorders, digital cameras, printers, tablets and increasing day by day.

Our main aim is to help you save money. In today’s volatile environment, each and every dollar saved is important. We work closely with best online retailers and bring you best deals which can help you save ton of money on 24x7. We spend hours every day searching for the best deals, analyzing them  , comparing them and  finally choose  the deals which give you maximum returns and publish them on was started when we realized that there was a need for a online space which can provide the best deals in tech and software. Tired of going to hundreds of websites just to get a few discount coupons, was launched to help fellow friends and family members the best deals on laptops and computers. Since then we have consistently grown to include  thousands of deals just like those you will find on special days like Christmas or Black Friday.

However, the main reason is simple. We like to save money as well as help others save money and get the best possible deals on their purchases online.

Here are a few features of our deals:

  1. We list the best deals on internet. We do not give preference to any retailer and after careful analysis and comparison, deals are posted.

  2. We regularly ask our customers for their feedback and de list any store which has a poor customer service.

  3. Our writers work round the clock for best deals. Each deal is unique in its own way and we are known for our quality deals rather than quantity.

What are the Other Cool things Apart from Amazing Deals?

  1. Not only deals, we continue to add savings coupons on the site on a regular basis. You can easily get $5 or even $10 discount on a certain product. A discount is still a saving. isnt it?

  2. We send the best daily deals to our customers via email as well. If you forget to check out the site, you can still check your mail for the best deals and savings coupons.

  3. We select our most valuable customer every month. The selected customer gets a free gift or a heavy discount coupon from our side. Our past valuable customers have won camcorders, printers and laptops as well. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a chance to be our most valuable customer.

  4. We are customer centric and work as per our customers. All the products listed are listed keeping in mind the interests of the customers and not merchants.

Our Team

We have built a team of experienced programmers, product specialists and marketers who continuously try to improve upon the standards we have created in the market and strive to make the premiere savings and discount site.

Our deal hunters work round the clock and contact merchants to create the best deals for our customers.

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