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From Buy.com
Price: $1.92
789 Comment (s) | 789 Review (s)
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RIM BlackBerry Female to Male Stereo Headset Adaptor - 2.5mm to 3.5mm

Easy connection, just plug it into your phone. Specifically designed for adapting 2.5mm Headphone Applications. Now you can enjoy your music files or FM radio with your own standard headphones. Model Compatible: Audiovox 9200, 6700, PPC 6600 and 6601. HTC Cingular PPC 8125 and 2125. Motorola E398, E680, E815, E680, V173, V188, V360, C29,0 i530, i710, i730, i930, Q MPX200, MPX220, V998c, and V998p PLUS. T-Mobile MDA SDA STM5600. Verizon XV6700, CDM8954, CDM105. Blackberry 8700c, 7290, 7250, and 7130e. O2 828, 818, 696I, 686, 575 and 565. LG VX9800, VX3300, VX520. Samsung i700, A900, A890, A790, A630. iMate SP5m. PalmOne Treo 600, 650, Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910i, Treo 755, Palm Centro, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, and Treo 750. Dopod 515, 535, 565, 575, 585, 686, 818, and 828. Nokia 5510, 6600, 3650, 3660, and 7650. O2 XDA I (Siemens SX56, QTEK 1010, 1020), and 02 XDA2. Xphone, XphoneII, and XphoneIIm. Mitac Mio 8380, 8390. ETEN M500, Lenovo ET180. HP iPAQ h2210, h1910, h1940, and h1945.
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